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The Roaming Chef, Campus Mama among 6 Kenyans tapped in TikTok’s global climate change campaign

By Winnie Mabel November 9th, 2022 2 min read

Tik Tok Africa recognized six Kenyans who use their Tik Tok platforms to highlight the impacts of climate change and offer solutions to the TikTok community on how they could make a positive impact in their personal capacities, in simple and fun ways.

“Here are some creators who are joining the campaign to help keep the global temperature low by educating and inspiring communities all over the world: @theroamingchef, @nanciemumbo, @campusmama, @ kamwari_, @chaosun__and @mamas.plate,” added the statement.

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In support of the United Nation’s ANNUAL Conference of Parties (COP27) on climate change, Tik Tok announced its campaign, #ClimateAction global campaign, to give its active and engaged community that is passionate about making a difference and having a positive impact on its world the platform to help drive awareness and advocacy around sustainability and climate action.

“Through the platform, people and communities sharing the same vision from all around the world are connected, empowered and inspired to unleash the power of creativity to drive positive change for a greener and more sustainable future.

Now, in support of the COP27 gathering, TikTok is launching the #ClimateAction global campaign this November by inviting creators and communities around the world to join the conversation and make a difference by taking action.

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This is part of TikTok’s ongoing commitment to encourage communities to unlock the power of the platform to use creativity to drive positive, meaningful and lasting conversations,” read Tik Tok’s statement in part.

Boniswa Sidwaba, the TikTok Content Operations Lead for TikTok in Africa said that TikTok is committed to playing an active role in building an environmentally aware generation.

“We do this by providing a platform for reputable organisations and community members to discuss,  debate and share information, which in turn has helped TikTok become a top destination to learn important topics such as climate and sustainability. We have an active group of climate advocates, experts and institutions dedicated to creating educational content and raising climate literacy.” Said Sidwaba.

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Tik Tok further partnered with Crtve Development featuring Greenpeace Africa’s August Maluka, Community Manager, singer-songwriter and poet Busiswa Gqulu, in plans to host a live discussion on climate change and the effects it has on local communities.

“The need for creative partnerships such as this has never been more imperative in the fight for climate justice, particularly on the African continent.

Art and creativity have the power to inspire engagement at the community and policy level, leading to action, change and impact. Through creativity, we can propagate feelings of belonging to a collective community.

This relationship between creativity and belonging is fundamental to taking action and ownership of one’s own life, community, and country. Creativity is a first and necessary step towards social change,” said Dr Okito Wedi, Founder and CEO of Crtve Development.

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