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Political 411: The secrets of Dubai’s new playground for rich Kenyans

Women in display of opulence abroad

A group of influential women who travelled abroad on a government-sponsored trip are the talk of town. It is said the privileged women displayed opulence while in one of the Western capitals. They are said to have gone on a shopping spree where they spent dollars and capped the trip with a party where drinks flowed freely. One of those who attended the party was left speechless after the disclosure that a bottle of whisky that they enjoyed was going for Sh600,000.

House team boss on extortion spree

The chairman of a powerful committee is on the spot for harassing witnesses who appear before him. Talk of Town has learnt that the chairman calls Cabinet Secretaries scheduled to appear before his committee and demands huge amounts of money in order to be looked at favourably when they appear. The CSs were heard complaining that the MP is very demanding and asks for the money using threats at least one week before they appear in his committee. Those who fail to play ball by parting with cash demands are harassed during their appearance and negative reports are given about their ministries.

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Dubai new playground for rich Kenyans

Dubai has always been a favourite playground for Kenya’s elite and their questionable wealth, and it appears the destination’s magnet has been growing stronger for the last one year, especially for well-connected individuals, with companies’ registration and multi-million-shillings real estate deals. One of the key Kenyan players is a former moneyed county chief, who is said to have two lavish houses in the emirate, and is apparently becoming famous for spending more time there and holding high-end parties.

Party bigwigs left out in the cold

Two senior politicians in one of the opposition parties – who played a key role in the last presidential election – have found themselves in an awkward position following growing rebellion against their re-emergence in the political scene. The two have been trying so hard to fit in, but continue to face resistance. Some party officials have taken on them head on, slowing down their quest to take over the running of the outfit. So bad is the rebellion that one of the politicians has once again taken a backseat. Talk of Town has learnt that an attempt by the political wing to win over some of the senior party officials in pushing their agenda has failed.

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Ex-UDA allies at each other’s throats

A governor elected on a UDA ticket and a poll loser from the same party are engaged in a nasty public fight that has left many guessing their source of disagreement. The 2022 poll loser has for the longest time been on the case of the county boss over alleged runaway corruption in the strategic county government. The politician has been highlighting cases of corruption in the county in what is said to have infuriated the county governor, who is currently in the eye of a storm. In a fight back, the county boss is said to have hit the politician where it hurts most — in the pocket — and has plans to squeeze the rival even more.

Accounting officers in fight for cash

Two accounting officers in one of the three arms of government are in a vicious fight over control of billions under their institution. The two are said to have resorted to taking charge of capital projects in a bid to make a kill. So bad is the fight for cash that the two have made attending workshops part of their scheme to make extra money. They have been hopping from one workshop to the other, with sources indicating that they have been making as high as Sh1 million. Separately, the two are directly involved in procurement of major services and projects in the said arm of government. The fight has since caught the attention of the head of the institution.

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