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The Sh500m homes that offer owners a luxury lifestyle

Five Star estate in South C is among posh residential establishments the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority says falls within flight path.

It is a multimillion investment designed in two phases and almost shares a fence with the Wilson Airport.

The four Bedroomed master en suite mansions have separate servant quarters, underground and overhead water storage tanks.

One house goes at Sh17 million and according to our enquiry, they are all occupied.

You get a real feel of its inhabitants by the brand of cars parked in there, they are not some low end vehicles that dirt our roads contributing to the incessant City traffic jam.

Riding bicycles

Tens of families leave here and with schools closed, the courts are dotted with boys and girls either riding bicycles or running in the playground.

When NairobiNews visited the place on Tuesday, the owner or caretaker was not available to say whether they have held talks with the aviation Authorities on how to go about the stalemate.

But from the guards on duty, you get an impression of a people staring at anxious times.

“Lately, we are not allowed to let reporters in- you should wait until the estate manager comes,” one of the security officials said.

The noise of planes landing and taking off is heard in this neighbourhood every five minutes, or even less although residents here appear to have gotten used to this.

“It no longer bothers us. I have stayed here for two years now and nothing extra-ordinary has ever happened,” said a resident.

The proximity makes it easier to not only spot the flying vessel; you are also able to see some of the passengers.

Should a plane crush land or in the event of an accident during take-offs, residents would certainly need a miracle to survive and this must have informed the decision to single it out for demolition.

Meanwhile, construction at the Weston Hotel near Wilson Airport continues despite having been earmarked for demolition earlier.

The building was said to be on the flight path but construction workers at the site said that they had later received clearance from the Kenya Airports Authority to proceed.