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The spectre of city car thieves who are just interested in car parts – PHOTOS

Police in Nairobi are grappling with a new breed of car thieves who are just interested in harvesting vehicle parts and abandoning the shells in desolate locations in the outskirts of the city.

The thieves are targeting car parts and accessories that they are selling to garages and motorists looking for spare parts

Nairobi News has established that the new phenomena is costing motorists, insurance companies and car rental companies millions.

Rental car companies have been particularly hard hit with hundreds of newer model cars targeted.


One victim,  Abraham Munga, said he had parked his car outside the house of a friend during a visit. He returned to find a skeleton of his car. The car’s wheel caps, side mirror covers, headlights and all the doors were missing.

Mr James Onsando underwent a similar ordeal. He left home for work, and while stuck in traffic, someone approached with an offer for the break lights.

“Bro sinikutafutie hiyo taa ya nyuma halafu utanilipa kitu kidogo,” he told him.


Mr Onsando dismissed the man, assuming his break lights were still intact. But the man was persistent, prompting him to get out to check.

“I was shocked, someone had removed them so well, to date I cannot explain what really happened, but I’m sure I left my house with both break lights,” he said.

Mr Onsando exchanged phone numbers with the man who promised to get him the lights. Two hours later, he received a call and bought the lights at half price.

For Mr Josiah Ondieki, city motorists are their own enemies because they allow the thieves to sell them car parts at cheap prices.

He says if motorists can dismiss such people then the business of car parts theft will reduce.

“They sell the parts cheaply after they have stolen from other genuine motorists which is not right,” he said.