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The ugly truths about dating in Nairobi

Nairobi is a beautiful cosmopolitan city. There are endless opportunities to find love here. That said, the Nairobi dating scene can also a bed of heart break and numerous other not so rosy experiences.

Here are a few unpleasant truths you need to know about dating in Nairobi:

1. Not everybody is looking for love – Not every single and available person you meet in Nairobi is looking for love. Some are looking for random play, others are after your bank account and others just want to have a good time.

Dating in Nairobi requires making sure that you and your love interest are on the same page at every step.

2. There are a lot of fakes – If you are going to date in Nairobi, you need to learn not to take everything you see at face value. You will meet women with fake bodies and men with fake lifestyles. Before you commit, it is vital to ensure that what you are committing to is real. People here lie.

3. Nairobians don’t leave Nairobi – Perhaps because of the intoxicating fast paced city life, not many people who have lived in Nairobi are willing to leave. If you want to get serious with a Nairobian, you first need to consider the possibility that you will be the one moving to Nairobi.

4. There are many options – Everywhere you look in Nairobi, there is a possibility of meeting a really interesting person. The availability of many options means that most people will not go out of their way to make a relationship last. Why fight for one when there are many fish in the sea, right?

5. About the internet… – The fast paced life means that Nairobians rely on the internet a lot to keep connected. The internet may be your friend or your foe in Nairobi. It could be where you meet your happy-ever-after or where you meet the guy that drains your bank account and infects you with a disease. Tread very carefully.

6. People are married to their careers – Competition here is rife. Everyone stays on their toes, they can’t afford a distraction from their careers. If you are going to date in Nairobi, you may as well accept the fact that you may never be number one to your love interest. You will come after the career.

7. Most dates will involve alcohol – Bars in Nairobi are not just drinking places, it is where friends catch up and business deals are sealed. When you date in Nairobi, you will be more likely taken to a bar than to a coffee shop. It is the city’s culture, it has little to do with the character or values of your date.

8. Nairobians hardly call – They text, they Facebook and they WhatApp. They hardly call. This means that communication, even in intimate relationship is often impersonal. If you are the kind of guy or girl that loves to spend hours on the phone with the person you are dating, Nairobi may not be the city for you.