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‘The war is not for soft life,’ Museveni responds to US Sanction threat

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni recently signed one of the world’s most stringent anti-gay bills into law.

Despite facing threats of aid cuts and sanctions from Western countries, particularly the United States, President Museveni has remained resolute in his decision.

President Museveni emphasized Uganda’s unwavering stance, stating that no amount of intimidation with move him.

“The signing is finished, nobody will move us, and no amount of intimidation or actions will weaken Uganda’s resolve,” the Head of State said.

In response to the potential consequences, President Museveni outlined Uganda’s preparedness to navigate any challenges that may arise.

“If they cut aid, we will sit down, discipline our expenditure, and rearrange our budgets. If they interfere with our trade, we will trade with others. That is what I was telling you to be ready for a war, you cannot fight it when you’re a pleasure seeker, the war is not for soft life.”

President Museveni further explained that he had conducted extensive consultations prior to signing the law, attempting to ascertain whether homosexuality was determined by genetics.

According to the President, experts convinced him that homosexuality was not genetic but rather characterized as “psychological disorientation.”

The newly enacted law imposes severe penalties for same-sex activities, including a life sentence for engaging in same-sex intercourse and a 20-year sentence for promoting homosexuality.

The legislation has drawn sharp criticism from human rights advocates and activists worldwide, who argue that it infringes upon fundamental human rights and fosters discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.

The international community, particularly Western nations, has expressed concerns and condemned the law, with threats of aid cuts and sanctions.

In a statement released on May 29, 2023, the White House representing President Joe Biden’s administration strongly condemned the implementation of the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act, describing it as a “tragic violation of universal human rights” that does not reflect the values of the Ugandan people.

President Biden urged individuals worldwide, including Ugandans, to work towards repealing the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

He emphasized that no person should have to live in perpetual fear for their safety or endure violence and discrimination based on their sexual orientation, as such actions are fundamentally unjust.

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