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Thee Pluto raises concerns over politicians and celebs sliding into wife’s DM

Content creator Thee Pluto has opened up about the challenges of navigating relationships in the limelight, particularly concerning unwanted advances towards his wife, Felicity Wanjiru.

Thee Pluto revealed instances where politicians and local celebrities have been sliding into his wife’s direct messages (DMs) in attempts to woo her, despite their marital status.

Expressing his frustrations, he highlighted the difficulty of dealing with such unwelcome attention.

Nishai chukua hiyo simu yake siku moja na nikapata hadi macelebs na politicians wako tu pale kwa DM yake. Ni challenge. Kama sahi hata hajareply but wako tu pale. Unaeza pata hata beshte yako ako pale Na yeye ashawahi chukua simu yangu akapata mabeshte wake wanaslide kwa DM yangu,” he shared.

Which translates to, “I once took her phone one day and found even celebrities and politicians are just there in her DMs. It’s a challenge. Even though she hasn’t replied yet, they’re still there. You might even find your friend there, and she has even taken my phone before and found her friends sliding into my DMs.”

DJ Mo said that he refrains from checking his wife’s phone, even though he is aware that she checks his.

Thee Pluto also discussed his desire to expand his family, expressing his love for children and his eagerness to have as many as possible.

He emphasised that he is open to having both daughters and sons, but admits he is particularly keen on having a son.

“I want kids until my wife says no. I am also yet to have a son. It is not as important to have a son, but I really wouldn’t mind if I had a son,” he stated.

Reflecting on their journey as a couple, Pluto recounted the unexpected turn of events when Felicity agreed to move in with him after she got pregnant.

He humorously admitted that he hadn’t expected her to agree to the arrangement but was pleasantly surprised when she did, leading to their eventual marriage.

“After she got pregnant, I jokingly told her to move in with me, not expecting her to agree. However, to my surprise, she came that evening, and from there, things naturally progressed towards marriage,” he recounted.