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What cheeky Kenyans think of daring men suspected of stealing Ruto’s eggs

Are they thieves or daring ‘heroes’? This is the question Kenyans online are debating on following news of the arrest of four people on suspicion of stealing trays of eggs from the home of Deputy President William Ruto’s farm in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu.

The farm manager alerted the police on Monday, reporting that 10 crates of eggs have gone missing at the farm under unclear circumstances.

According to police, the said suspects were found to be in possession of two, three trays of eggs.

The four individuals, who reside inside the homestead, however, denied the accusations.


Kenyans on Twitter did not miss out on the opportunity to give in their two cents on the matter.

Interestingly, most came up with other unique titles for the suspects.

This was after ODM director of communication Philip Etale prompted netizens to suggest other names for them.

“While I was away; four men walked into Deputy President’s farm in Sugoi and stole and courageously walked out with ten crates of eggs. Okay, what title do we give these men?” asked Mr Etale.


These are some of the response KOT gave:

“Recovery agencies,” said @kenbiegon.

“Robin Hoods,” wrote @Jackto.

“Hustlers who paid a courtesy call to fellow former hustlers! They wanted to replenish stock where former hustler claims to have started off from!” said @keringeti.

“The Robin Hoods of Sugoi?” stated @adhisouma.

“Fandastic Four,” wrote @Oktopizzo.

“Asset recovery team,” said @bukalose.