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Nothing to shake to in Sauti Sol’s latest song

They are great at what they do, they’ve even sang for presidents. There is a reason for that; they know how to write and sing songs and the way they do leaves everyone asking for more.

Simply put, Sauti Sol’s originality is what has put them in a class of their own.

But their latest release, Shake Yo Bam Bam, just isn’t their style. Either they’ve run out of ideas or are trying to appeal to the younger generation.

I’m sure Kenyan radio stations will try force the song down our throats, but this single really doesn’t deserve much air play.

Sad thing is, this isn’t original. Fans would have expected better from Sauti Sol. The ridim, Awilo Longomba style singing isn’t their style. Perhaps, Sauti Sol should just stick with the likes of Sura Yako, Soma Kijana, Nerea and the likes.

However, the band has defended their latest single release as being a bonafide party track that is reminiscent of the of the Kenyan music style and fashion in the 90s.


The lyrics of the song flaunt Sauti Sol’s celebration of hood vibes and street-smart youth who set trends and shape the urban culture. The styling and dance choreography emphasize this.

The music video was shot in Nairobi by legendary Nigerian video director Clarence Peters. The song was also written and produced by Sauti Sol, co-composed by Awilo Longomba.

There is a lack of originality in the current music scene, music has become ‘too cool’ and ‘samey’ with everyone diluting what they are doing rather than making great music.

The market is also being ‘flooded’ by too many similar songs with the same ‘beat’.

The Kenyan music scene is deficit of the power to take you to some other place and give you a ‘heavenly ride’.

Nowadays musicians play for the money. There are very few bands left who play real music.

Sauti Sol you used to do exactly that but their latest song has done the opposite.

Shake Yo Bam Bam is the fifth single and music video off Sauti Sol’s upcoming third album, Live and Die in Afrika, set for release later this year.