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There’s life after Covid-19

I’m not here to deliver a boring sermon, but there’s life after the Coronavirus. It has struck me how euphoria has changed people in a matter of weeks. Some have dived headfirst into tomfoolery. We’re living as though the end of the world is upon us.

While opportunists have raided the circumstances to build a name and a fortune for themselves, others, tragically, are using the current crisis as an excuse to nuke all they’ve built over the years.


Going by some of the posts and comments people are making on social media, you’d think the Armageddon is here with us. With so much time suddenly on our hands, fingers are itching to type things out, with devastating results.

From the precarious to the embarrassing and outright stupid, users just seem to have taken a leave off their rational judgement. Folks, who said decorum and common sense had been suspended? Isn’t this just a phase that will soon clear out?

Before you publish that controversial, abusive or misleading post, assess its possible damage.

Covid-19 has also got people breaking every rule there is. Let’s face it, if the current situation has emboldened you to do things you’d normally not touch with a barge pole, there’s a serious problem.

Hitting on your workmates may be permissible, somewhat. But making moves at your supervisor? That’s idiotic. Colleagues may laugh at your controversial remarks on the work chat groups, but remember you have an office to go back to.

In the coming months, your bosses will forget that Covid-19 was here at all. That you stuck your head up won’t go away.


Your behaviour now will determine how you relate with your friends and colleagues and how they see you. Don’t be carried away by the reverie.

When it was announced that people should telecommute, for some, it meant no working at all. These guys abandoned their duties and went offline. Emails bounce off and calls drown in voicemail. In short, they put everything on ice, including their livelihoods.

Cooperate, people. Work. Your post-Coronavirus future depends on it.

It’s dreadful to imagine how many folks will be jobless when all this is over. Your HR manager and supervisors are biting their fingers with anticipation to embarrass you.

If I were you, I wouldn’t even report back. I’d just clear my desk and quit to save myself of the humiliation.

How has your expenditure been since this chaos started? Have you been indiscriminate in your expenditure? Some people are now squeezing champagne into their beer budgets, literally.

If the curve of your expenditure has shot dramatically in the last few weeks, you’re being impulsive. Your everyday financial realities are not over. You’re only overlooking them. When this tide is over, you’ll be back in the deep end.


It’s okay to have a stockpile, but showiness and grandeur are unnecessary. You’ve been saving for your distant future, not to live through a few days of viral horror.

Drinking, binging and bonking. Some people are now indulging as though this is all they are ever going to do. For some, it’s high season for sleeping with whatever is on two legs. Their mind revolves around sex only. Dawn sex, morning sex, midday sex, afternoon sex, dusk sex and night sex. In the process, they have spent nearly all their cartridges.

For others, it’s alcohol. Booze, more booze and some. Explains why the Internet is overflowing with alcohol. Expensive whiskies, rare cognacs and routine brands are being displayed with haughty abandon.

The invasion of liquor stores at the start of this was as startling as it was saddening. With most stores having suspended their operations, Kenyans have turned their kitchens into cellars.

While some are drinking to drown their anxieties, others are doing so to escape the fact that they have to be at home because they’re hardly ever with their families. Cowards!

Whatever you do, don’t lose your sense of reason. Drink as much as you can. Sleep with whoever you want to. Indulge. Only remember you’ll need your body, sanity and dignity when this has petered out. There are also sins to pay for.

We can be miserable quietly. Think.