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Umoja MP irked by destruction on CDF project

Embakasi West MP George Theuri has responded to the actions of a group of youths who vandalized a borehole at Unity Primary School in Umoja Innercore estate on Wednesday terming the chaotic scenes that were witnessed as a sad incident for the local community.

The MP said the water project had been initiated purely with an aim of creating employment for the youth in the area and addressing the issue of frequent water shortage.

“All I ever wanted was to give the youth employment and try and end the scarcity of water that has always been there by introducing a cheaper way for the community to get water instead of being exploited by water vendors,” the MP said.

Theuri further questioned why there are always problems in Umoja 2 Ward yet all the other wards in the constituency don’t have issues with his development projects.

Youths demolish a borehole at Unity Primary School in Nairobi's Umoja Innercore estate. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU
Youths demolish a borehole at Unity Primary School in Nairobi’s Umoja Innercore estate. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU

In a lengthy Facebook post the MP wrote:

“Try and explain this to me… 1st… It was along Mama Lucy Hospital just after the contractor had finished in the wee hours in the morning all our modern stalls were demolished… 2nd…. As we were to commence the construction of the A.P post we encountered resistance as to stop us to the extend I had to use police to be on guard to ensure our project had to see the light of the day… 3rd… Our Unity Primary School community borehole today as it was fully functional it was paralyzed by being destroyed and vandalized… .ohhh plz tell me why all this is happening in Umoja 2 ward only while other areas are ok … I just pray that in all this God to give me strength to continue serving my people faithfully not to give up. Lets constantly put our constituency and country in prayers. I thank you all.”