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Theuri: My CDF track record speaks for itself

Embakasi West MP Hon. George Theuri has told off his critics after Nairobi News ran a story of allegation of his shortcomings.

The first time MP expressed his displeasure of the article on his Facebook page and sought to put clear his track record.

“While NTV are busy complaining about the numerous CDF billboards, today I hosted Hon Chris Omulele of Luanda Constituency on a tour of our CDF projects…” Theuri posted on his Facebook page.

“Just show me where there is a Billboard and no work has been done…. kama ni kosa kutendea watu wangu kazi then nitawakosea miaka tano (If its wrong to serve my constituents then I will continue doing so for the next five years) but I have to show my people how their taxes are being spent and am not apologizing for implementing my project s and I tell u aint seen nothing yet,” he continued.

The MP added that the billboards that he is being accused of erecting in Umoja estate are a sign that work is being done because they tell the people what is being done.

Please show me where there is a billboard and no work has been done…. Kama wanaumia juu yangu kufanyia raia kazi ole wao (If they are annoyed by my work then its their problem) coz they haven’t seen work yet and all am doing is being accountable to my people by showing them how their taxes are being spent,” Theuri said.