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Thieves steal Sh50m after digging tunnel into KCB Thika branch – PHOTOS

A gang of thieves dug a tunnel into the KCB bank, Thika branch and stole sh50 million over the weekend.

The bank’s manager Samuel Nganga has told police that he found the money missing on Monday morning when conducting a routine check on the strong room.

The thieves accessed the strongroom through an underground tunnel. They then used oxy-acetylene welding technology to generate a flame that drilled holes into the two safes that had the money.


Police are investigating the theft. No arrests or recoveries have been made so far.

“Unknown thieves had accessed the vault strong room through an underground tunnel and stole approximately 50,000,000. They broke into two safes and are believed to have to drill holes into the safes. Scene visited. Investigations have commenced. No arrest or recovery made. Case P.U.I,” read the police report on the incident.