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Thieves will be your first visitors in this neighbourhood

Just when a Kiserian neighbourhood thought it had found peace thugs struck again.

After an exclusive exposé by NairobiNews in March, detailing the harrowing experiences homeowners in the upmarket Nalepo estate were undergoing at the hands of gangsters, police presence was enhanced.

Nearly half of the mansions had been abandoned by their owners owing to frequent attacks by organized criminal gangs.

On Wednesday however, a new homeowner was welcomed to the estate in the traditional manner — robbers broke into his home and stole electronics. Police responded to the alarm but nothing was recovered as the thugs ran away.

Ngong’ OCPD Farah Mohammed said the rate of insecurity in Nalepo had gone down drastically after ten more police officers were deployed. The station also received a Land Cruiser to help in the fight against insecurity.

“We are now able to respond to incidences faster and we are happy that members of the public are giving us information,” said Mohammed. Although the Kiserian police station is not in good condition, he said, there were plans to improve the working environment.

The residents are, however, skeptical of the measures being put in place.

They expressed fear that lack of constant foot patrols may embolden thugs.

“Senior police officers visited the estate after reports of insecurity were highlighted in the media. There have not been any more incidences from then on but they do not do foot patrols,” said Mrs Pauline Matthews.

Her husband, Mr Reuben Matthews said police response to insecurity concerns raised by residents has been commendable: “Their response has been very good, you call them and within five minutes they arrive at the scene. I am pleased with what I am seeing.”

Except for one day when a motorcycle was heard in the neighbourhood late in the night, all has been fine, “Police officers came after we alerted them but they could not catch the culprit. He escaped,” said Mr Matthews.