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Things to do in and around Nairobi during long weekend

December 12th, 2014 2 min read

December is the season for holidays and usually, it’s all about the family and spending time together. Whichever direction you may travelling to during this coming long weekend and into the holiday festivities, there need not be a dull moment.

Because of devolution, many areas which had no entertainment facilities to speak of, today boast of interesting spots to keep the family entertained.

Starting with this weekend, we bring you ideas on where to go and what to do in and around Nairobi should you choose not to travel too far out of town.

Below is a list of picnic sites to prove that you can have absolute fun and it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.

Mamba Village
This is the perfect location for those who would like to picnic in Nairobi only 13 km from the city centre and enjoy activities for the whole family.

It is famous for the crocodile farm where you watch them being fed as well as get close to ostriches strutting in the farm.

These is also a campsite on the grounds for those who may want to enjoy the outdoors close to the city. For those with small children, the Jolly Roger grounds next door are ideal.

Machakos people’s park

The hype around Machakos People’s Park is enough to get many Nairobians heading east to a county associated with harsh weather conditions.

The park offers various activities for the day from picnics in the well-manicured gardens to live music at the amphitheater.

There are lots of fun activities for children such as bouncing castles, face painting, dancing competitions. You have the option of a boat ride in the dam and golf at the mini golf course.

Langata Botanical Gardens

This is a private park with well-manicured grounds and offers picnics sites.

One can either bring their own food or have buffet made meals at the restaurant Cost: Sh500 per person if you bring own food

Nairobi Arboretum

Established in 1907 when the then administration introduced new exotic tree species for forests in Kenya, seeds from various countries were planted to have a collection of indigenous trees and shrubs.

This is how the Arboretum came to be. The national reserve, which is bang in the middle of the city now serves as a public park for picnic lovers.

It has well-maintained gardens with forest trails and park benches.

Uhuru Gardens

This memorial park serves as a picnic site for Nairobians.

Located on Langata road, these gardens have attracted loads of people who want to have parties outdoors. There are loads of activities for children especially with the Carnivore grounds being so near as well.

Ngong Hills

These hills offer spectacular views of Nairobi and the great rift valley. They have served as an attraction site for both local and foreign tourists.

Hiking and rock climbing are some of the activities at Ngong hill and one can have a picnic at the top of the hill while taking in the panoramic views below.

Paradise Lost

Have your picnic around the man-made lake where you can also have boat, camel as well as horse rides in the park.

Losing yourself in this 54-acre paradise is one way to spend time this holiday. There are Mau Mau caves for you to explore nearby