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Things that will be hard to package after ban on plastic bags

By NAIRA HABIB August 29th, 2017 1 min read

As reality slowly checks into Kenyans after the ban of plastic bags, traders have devised alternative methods of packaging items on sale. But it has not been an easy ride for small traders and Nairobians.

Here are a few items that will be hard to package after the ban on plastic bags.

Meat – Butcheries will have to go to their previous modes of packaging that included the use of a brown, thick paper that is foiled on the inside. But imagine how messy it will be especially when purchasing Matumbo (cow intestine)

Cereals – It baffles to think what wholesale cereal shops will be using to package two kilograms of beans.

Sukumawiki – Ladies and gentlemen if you threw away your knife to enjoy Mama Mboga’s  chopped vegetables then you may have to rethink your options.

Plastic bag that evolve to a shower cap – Walking in the streets of Nairobi on a rainy day you won’t fail to see women covering their head by wrapping a plastic bag on it. One wonders what women caught off guard on rainy days will use.

Flying toilets – No more flying toilets, but my heart shudders to think what would be the alternative.

Boiled eggs, Mutura – Street food is a favourite of many Nairobians.  It will be comical to see how Kenyans will munch away boiled eggs and mutura.

Wedding left overs – Carrying left-overs will now become a mathematical problem.

Makaa (charcoal) – Would be hard to package unless one carries a box.