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Things you can do with Sh8,000, according to KOT

Within hours of a revelation of how a Twitter bigwig allegedly pocketed Sh8,000 to malign the name of a Kenyan corporate, Kenyans on Twitter came up with the hashtag #ThingsYouDoWith8K where they posted their comments of what they could do with that amount of money.

So what can you do with Sh8,000? Well, according to KOT, a lot – from organizing how to break with your girlfriend to paying rent for a month if you live in a bedsitter.

Some tweets were right what you expect Kenyans to say but while other simply ridiculous.

@joshuanyach wrote: #ThingsYouDoWith8K you can donate for this brother to get surgery (pressumably in reference to #GiveEzra Fundraiser – an online campaign to raise funds for Ezra Momanyi an orphaned University student who has lymphoma Cancer.

@kabanya said he would buy Pastor Ng’ang’a a vocabulary.

@ajenjo wrote: #ThingsYouDoWith8K take @JulieGichuru for a date and tell her to pay the other deficit at intercon… #MwanaumeniEffort while @AMKAYQUELIVE posted: #ThingsYouDoWith8K Buy tonnes of Condoms and donate to prostitutes in Koinange.

@Jenz_john said: #ThingsYouDoWith8K labda ni release audio ya #mollis VOL__2 with @dennis_migono opining #ThingsYouDoWith8K Take the girl in the mollis audio to Nairobi Aviation School of Moaning nilipe fee hadi masters.

So, what would you do with Sh8,000?