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Think before you talk nonsense on social media, Uhuru tells critics of his flowers to UK medics – VIDEO

An angry President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended the government’s decision to send more than 300 bouquets of flowers to the UK to show solidarity with health workers in the wake of Covid-19.

Speaking at State House on Friday to mark this year’s Labour Day, Kenyatta lashed out at Kenyans who have harshly criticised the move on social media, saying the move to ship the flowers to Europe was to protect the country’s flower sector.

“When we sent the flowers, I laughed when I saw a section of Kenyans calling us names. Our only intention was to show the world our product and when the coronavirus pandemic dust settles we can do business,” the president explained.

Kenyans on social media have expressed their displeasure at the move, accusing Kenyatta of ignoring the welfare of local medics while impressing colonial masters.

“Think before you start talking nonsense on this social media of yours. This is not the time for us to be petty. This is the time that we should come together and plan the future of our great land,” the angry head of state opined.

He said that was a good marketing strategy for the country as more citizens of the UK and Europe will potentially order flowers from Kenya once Covid-19 is defeated.

“Lazima tuangalie mbele. Coronavirus will not be here with us forever. Hayo maua yaandika wafanyikazi ma elfu na elfu hapa Kenya,” he said angrily.

Each of the bouquets of flowers delivered to health workers in the UK had an inscribed message from Kenyatta, “Whatever the adversity, no matter the foe, we shall triumph together.”

Kenya flagged off more than 300 bouquets of flowers to London last week to show empathy amid a pandemic that has left more than 20,000 dead in the European nation.

Kenya Private Sector Alliance (Kepsa), through the Kenya Flower Council, flagged off the flowers destined for Flamingo Limited, UK to be distributed to doctors and nurses on the frontline in combating Covid-19, recovering patients and care homes.

“Our member, the Kenya Flower Council, has done this to show empathy and this sends a strong message of partnership at a time when many countries are facing difficulty. It is part of our campaign dubbed ‘Flowers of Hope’ informed by the realities brought forth by how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting world economies,” said Kepsa CEO Carol Karuga.