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Thirsty women go on rampage over Kibaki’s hunk grandson

Retired President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew has lately been flooded with salacious requests on his Instagram timeline after he confessed to being lonely and wishing to have a girlfriend.

Sean posted on Instagram a picture of himself, but it’s his caption that caught the attention of thirsty ladies.

“Wishing I had a girlfriend to do all that cheesy stuff with but at the same moment I’m happy with who I am as an individual and what I have and do alone…. It’s a paradox of a life time,” posted Sean Andrews.

The post elicited varied reactions from Kenyans online.

Gloriaben29 said; “I have a space for 5th boyfriend you can send your CV with full photo.”

Tenaj kiki wrote; “Girlfriend for hire.. Customizable.”

Mic.drop commented; “Bro u are a role model to some people you can’t be single that’s a joke right.”

Judie fann chela asked; “Really with all this handsomeness you are single?”

Raya Juliana remarked; “Dm me for cheesy stuff.”

Westher240 said; “WAT!!! AM here for u pench bunch.”

Toffe3 asked; “Hellooo is it me your looking for?”

Violah kangethe said; “I’m single I got no kids and I can cook.”

Diane deivan said; “Your wish is our wish we don’t want you to end up like ringtone we are here.”