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South C brothel: Thirsty Nairobi men condemn deportation of Chinese prostitutes

By SYLVANIA AMBANI September 19th, 2018 2 min read

Nairobi men camped on Twitter to beg the Immigration Department from deporting 15 Chinese illegal immigrants reported to have been operating a brothel in South C.

‘South C’ trended on Twitter for the better part of Wednesday afternoon after police announced the arrest of the prostitutes, among them underage girls.

On Twitter, a section of users expressed shock at the revelation of a Chinese brothel in South C, others confessed their fantasies, while others found humour in it.

Here is a sample of their reactions.

Thirsty men did not fail to give their view.

@SwichKenya commented; “Gari za South C ni number ngapi, before wadeportiwe wote?”

@dan_oduk said; “Ati Izo Brothel za wachina Pale South C ukienda ka umesota no worries, you smash On Loan, Serikali Italipa.”

@brianmala1 commented; “Na Jeshi yangu ya South C haikuniambia hi story! Selfish niggas.”

@GorumMwenje said; “Can you please share the exact place in South C the Chinese girls were found. Asking for a friend.”

@arteta2giroud wrote; “My friend is interested too, when you get the exact place, tag me the answer.”

Twitter wags had their say.

@danielkimondo31 tweeted; “All these time we never knew what the “C” in South C meant…. Thanks to the 15 Chinese nationals; now we know the full name of that mtaa is “South China”.”

@ital_john said; “Benefits of bilateral relations with china is debt, racism, prostitution n who knows what is coming next south C.”

@aziza_indrah wrote; “As the immigration depart deport the 15 Chinese nationals from South C estate, please deport our sisters from Koinange Street to their homes. Koinange Street is not sacred more than South C.”

@AhmedKosar asked; “So for these South C Chinese it’s all about BAE-lateral relations?”

@Karey_mwari said; “I’m not sure what the fuss is about brothels in south C. If you is a resident you can easily point out this places that are not only run by Chinese but other foreigners.”

@FauzKhalid wrote; “Wamegrab hadi Kstreet wakaipeleka South C.”



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