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Thirsty women dump Chilobae, find new catch in Supreme Court

City women have quickly moved on from the Chilobae fever and are now drooling over Supreme Court Judge Isaac Lenaola.

A popular Facebook group, Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums, was for the better part of Monday sharing what they love about the judge.

Some women said he is very eloquent, while others loved his grey hair.

The discussion was becoming similar to the internet sensation that was IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba during the vote tallying process.

Here are some of the comments attributed to Judge Lenaola’s looks and actions as the highest court of the land hears the presidential petition.


One woman commented; “He is so handsome ??”

Another stated; “Skin colour check, ?lips check, ?weuweeh fingers i said fingers walai oneni size ya vidole zake ? check check ???”

Another commented; “Kwanza the way he articulates his judgement and he is so eloquent.”

The comment was met by a cheeky reply; “Am telling you…amefanya sijaenda job Leo…am feeling so weak.”

Another member said; “I think of late a little bit of white hair turns me on..he’s well groomed..with the dark skin.”

Another user retorted; “Mmeanza????? you ain’t loyal. Juzi it was Chilobae sasa ameanza kusahaulika haraka.”

Another added, “At this rate everyone who appears on tv is bae heck Chebukati and co. are bae like wtf”

Another user commented, “Dr. Smokin Wanjala ndie bae.”

One woman told them, “But everyone there is on ring …too bad dears ….hehehe find other ways.”