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This governor opened Sh 20m mud houses and Facebook can’t cope

By DERICK LUVEGA October 30th, 2015 2 min read

A Vihiga housing project has become the laughing stock on social media after the county government posted pictures of Governor Moses Akaranga opening newly constructed mud-walled houses for some of the beneficiaries.

The houses are being built through a Sh20 million housing scheme for the poor across the county in a project which was launched early this year.

Already, 45 mud houses have been constructed at a cost of Sh100,000 per house since the scheme was rolled out.

But the pictures posted on the county’s Facebook page showing the county chief opening the newly constructed mud houses in a ceremony complete with ribbons have been used to mock him on social media.

What annoyed people the more was the caption of Governor Akaranga’s pictures that read: “You (residents) recall that in his manifesto, the governor promised to ensure that the residents living under deplorable conditions due to poverty will be provided with decent houses.”

Besides the mud walls, the door to the houses have no paint with corrugated iron sheets used for roofing.


One Facebook user, Samuel Momanyi, wrote, “Akaranga you are a disgrace to our county. Instead of building houses for a few elderly and allocating ghost funds to that project.”

Another user, Moses Kelwa, added:  “This makes me laugh. Guys you call this better housing?”

Dismus Kayesi added: “Good effort though that is an overstatement that better housing for citizens.”

Wilberforce Murugi wondered why the county government was referring to mud houses as decent housing.

Mr Akaranga said at a past event that the houses are part of the county’s plan to accord its people a decent house.

The project and its implementation would see nine poor families in each ward benefit in the first year. The county is divided into 25 wards.

When the housing scheme was rolled out, Deputy Governor Caleb Amaswache went to Singapore in April to attend affordable housing conference but was instead deported for alleged indiscipline in the plane.

He, however, has denied claims that he aggressively confronted an air hostess leading to his deportation.

In May last year, Kirinyaga Governor Joseph Ndathi was ridiculed after he posted a picture while opening a footbridge.