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This is the age group worst hit by Covid-19 in Kenya

People aged between 30 and 59 have been the hardest hit by Covid-19, according to statistics released by the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe.

This age group accounts for 95 per cent of patients who have succumbed to coronavirus in the country, according to the data made public on Friday.

Kagwe for the first presented a detailed analysis which showed 10 of 21 deaths reported so far occurred among patients aged 30 to 59 while another 10 deaths occured among patients aged above 60.

“The most affected are those in the most productive age group 30-59. What this means is that this group is the one that can spread the disease, that is why we are asking people to stay put and avoid travelling upcountry, we are reminding you that youre the ones carrying, passing and killing others, keep the distance,” said Kagwe.

The CS added that in the cases confirmed in the country, none of the patients aged between 15-30 years had died of coronavirus since its outbreak in March.

“A six-year-old, according to health ministry’s data represents the single fatality for patients aged between 0 and 14.

On Friday, Kagwe said four new coronavirus-linked deaths raised the death toll to 21 which accounts for 5.2 percent of confirmed cases against the global rate of 7 percent.

“Our death rate of 5.2 percent is slightly lower that the global rate of 7 percent,” he noted.

As of May 2, there were more than 239,000 fatalities of Covid-19 recorded globally, even as the CS revealed that more male patients have died compared to female.

Female patients, he noted, had a tendency to recover quicker, a trend linked to the fact that most exhibit fewer if any preexisting conditions compared to their male counterparts.

Kenya on Friday confirmed that a total of 150 people had recovered from the Covid-19 while the confirmed cases in the country had increased to 411.