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This is unacceptable! Sakaja slams Eastleigh residents over garbage menace

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja on Wednesday called out Eastleigh estate residents over rampant disposal of garbage on the streets.

An agitated Sakaja who was speaking in Embakasi, Nairobi County during the official opening of Komarock South Primary School which was also attended by President William Ruto wondered why just hours after cleaning, the residents go back and litter again.

“Last week we cleaned tonnes of garbage dumped in the middle of the road in Eastleigh estate, and just hours later, we went back and found the residents had dumped more. To the residents of Eastleigh, I say this is unacceptable,” he said.

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He said he will ask his members of the Nairobi county to pass a motion which criminalises those who especially along the road.

“I want those who are doing this to be punished heavily,” he added.
A spot check by Nairobi News revealed how most of the roads are muddy and full of garbage which even makes manoeuvring within the largest Somali business outlet in Nairobi unnecessarily tricky.

On Eastleigh’s first Avenue, just between Hongkong and Bangkok buildings, the road is full of mud and garbage.

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On Monday, Mr Sakaja hinted at reforming the tender awards to garbage collectors in Nairobi County Government as residents complain of garbage menace that has been choking them for a while.

The governor said his administration is working on making the county a city of order.

He revealed that the menace has been brought about by the conflict of interest from 46 companies contracted by the last regime of former Governor Ms Anne Kananu to collect the garbage in the city.

He said the contractors caused the situation by neglecting their duties, compounded by illegal dumping from residents.

According to Mr Sakaja, since his administration took over in August, they have managed to collect 70,000 tonnes of garbage adding that they are working on bringing sustainable changes in the city-county with a population of over four million in Kenya.

“In our first month in office, we have collected over 70k tonnes. You will see sustainable changes,” Mr Sakaja said.

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When Mr Sakaja and his deputy Dr James Muchiri took over the office, they visited several estates in Nairobi and assured residents that their administration will work to resolve the menace.

“I have given firm directions on resolving the current garbage problem across Nairobi in the next few days,” he said during the tour.

During the campaigns, the first-time governor said that the city garbage menace has been a problem in the past two governments and that if elected, he would ensure that plans commence to set up a recycling plant that will turn the waste into energy.

Now, the government is on his shoulder, and the eyes of the residents are on him waiting for the fulfilment of the promise.

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