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This is what happened after Pastor Kathy Kiuna promised followers cars by New Year

By EDDY KAGERA November 15th, 2017 2 min read

Jesus Christian Centre pastor Kathy Kiuna sent Twitter on a near meltdown after she promised her followers that they would each be driving a brand new car by the end of 2017.

With 47 days to New Year, Mr Kiuna, wife of JCC lead pastor Allan Kiuna, has been using the hashtag #40DaysOfGlory to spread the gospel message via social media.

But what got people excited was the promise of a new vehicle.

This divided opinion with some believing her, and others laughing it off.

A skeptical Eric Wamanji‏ said, “hahaha… Religion, indeed, is the Opium of the masses. Watu wamevuta bangi kila mahali.”

Magati‏ believed the promise: “Mercedes G Wagon AMG, please pea Mungu my special request,” while EJ Rambim‏ said, “Only fools and birds will believe this.”

Wanjiru‏ joked: “I was praying for a horse but if muhunjia you are praying I get a car then Amen,” before Kim Kimamo retorted, “Because you use material wealth as a yardstick to blessings? (expletive).”

Bernice‏ Nyamwa was noncommittal, “Seek the kingdom of God first,work hard in your daily doings ,and everything else shall be added unto you …It’s not Rocket science,” same as Ayumba Onguko who said, “ Hahaha I receive it the same name.. Acha nianze kutafuta parking.”


S_Quoran‏ quipped: “As if a car will automatically solve all our problems. You will see some gullible Kenyans responding in affirmative. Personally, I don’t need a car at the moment, and so is a large percentage of Kenyans living below the poverty line.”

Another Twitter user called The Style Enthusiast‏ wondered: “Sooo how does this work… Can I change this wish or is it set in stone coz I’d really much rather have rent or food or utilities or basically anything other than a car. Ama this wasn’t meant for us muggles?”

Mercy Pheona said: “The only thing I’ve been driving, is people crazy then Bishop (your hubby) told me 2016 was going to be my year, I’m still waiting. We’re now in 2017 . Come 2018 I’ll be going for everything I prayed for”

Phil‏ also weighed in asking, “So how is this helping advance the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ?”

Moses Omolo‏ added: “These men and women of God are really taking their congregations for a ride. How do you determine 40 days of glory? Someone has been poor all their life, never got glory for 4yrs in college then all over sudden they have 40 days of glory and will receive Mercedes benz S65 AMG!”