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This is what Kenya will save from executive pay cut

By Amina Wako March 26th, 2020 1 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have taken an 80 percent pay cut in the face of coronavirus pandemic.

The cut will also be taken all Cabinet Secretaries and Chief Administrative secretaries (30) while Principal Secretaries will earn 20 percent less.

In 2014, the president and his deputy took a 20 percent pay cut and according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission gazette notice of July 2017, the President earns Sh1.44 million per month.

With 80 percent cut, President Kenyatta will now earn Sh288,000 plus all the other benefits he’s entailed to as the head of state.

His deputy currently takes home Sh1.22 million. This is about to be reduced by 80 percent to settle at just over Sh245,000 plus all other allowances.

The Cabinet Secretaries all earn Sh924,000 per month and with the 30 percent cut, they will take home Sh646,000.

Principal Secretaries will be taking a 20 percent reduction in their pay. A Principal Secretary currently earns Sh765,000 but after the cut, one will be left Sh612,000. Chief Administrative Secretaries will also take a 30 percent pay cut.

So, how much will Kenyan save in one month for the pay cut?

Uhuru Kenyatta                 1,152,000                1,152,000
Ruto                                      975,000                  975,000
Cabinet Secretaries            278, 000 x 22        6,116,000
Permanent Secretaries      153, 000 x 43         6,579,000
Total Amount                                                        14,822,000