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This is what modern Kenyan women want

A new survey on the Kenyan woman has shed light at the internal contradictions that influence all aspects of their lives, including finances, shopping behaviour and lifestyle choices.

According to the study released on Thursday, Kenyan women  have a contrasting love of ‘partying all night’, followed immediately with church or bible study.

Other outstanding contrasts are the desire to own households, while disliking household chores.

On sexual matters, Kenyan women are early experimenters. Fifty six per cent have their first sex experience before finishing high school – averagely 18 years. The chances of getting a Kenyan woman who 30 years old, single and a virgin is almost nil at 1 per cent.

According to the survey by Consumer Insight, Kenyan women rank marriage highly as a preference, with a church wedding beinng a dream of many.

The desirable traits they look for in potential husbands are cleanliness, ambitious, responsible, honest, loving and obedient.

A majority of them are also impulse buyers and they prefer smart phones – mostly Samsung and iPhones.

Kenyan women fear death and poverty more than life threatening diseases like HIV and cancer.

Most of them think they are healthy. According to the survey, nine out of ten women say they are watching their weight.

They survey says that only a small fraction of Kenyan women take drugs, namely bhang, miraa, cocaine and heroin.