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This marriage proposal at Java almost went wrong – VIDEO

A couple caused a stir at a city restaurant after what was supposed to be a “perfect” marriage proposal date went wrong when the woman refused to kiss her new fiancé in public, just after she said “yes”.

In a video captured by Nairobi News at the Java House restaurant along Kimathi Street, the man who appears to be in his late 20s pleads with his just engaged girlfriend to kiss him but the woman completely refuses.

The man who is “dressed” for the occasion in a purple sweater, black jeans and canvas shoes is seen going for the kiss after she holds her girlfriend’s neck and leans forward for the moment.

But instead of solemnizing their new engagement, the lady leans to the table to avoid the kiss causing the man a huge embarrassment.

The man smiles in embarrassment before pleading with his ‘girl’ but this still does not work and in the process a red engagement ring box falls to the floor prompting him pick it up amidst the drama.


Meanwhile, as the circus continued, the guy’s wingman, who is seated in an adjacent table, pretends not to be with the couple and fiddles with his phone,

But when he can’t take it anymore he walks over to provide moral support to the embarrassed couple.

But even before the aborted kiss, those present at the popular coffee shop watch in amazement as the man stays on his knees for close to five minutes begging his girlfriend to take his ring but it appears she is not in the mood for that.

Those present, some of whom take their phones out to record the free mid-morning soap opera, could be heard asking why the man chose a coffee shop as the best place to propose to his girlfriend.