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This Valentine’s, gift your loved one soap or salt, it is hard out here!

By Sammy Waweru February 14th, 2024 2 min read

So Valentine’s Day is here, and you might be thinking about what to get for your loved one, right?

Well, let’s switch things up a bit this year. Instead of going for the usual flowers and chocolates, how about considering something a bit more practical?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, flowers are lovely and all, but let’s be real, they don’t exactly help with the bills, do they?

Imagine the surprise on your partner’s face when they receive a bag filled with everyday essentials like sugar, cooking oil, salt, soap, and flour – oh, and don’t forget the maize flour for that delicious ugali!

Throw in some veggies, tomatoes, onions, you name it.

Now, that’s what I call showing some real love and care!

With the way things are going with the economy, even a simple bar of soap would be a godsend, am I right? And let’s not forget about bread – it’s practically a luxury item these days with prices going through the roof.

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Heck, even rolls of tissue paper are becoming precious commodities!

But here’s the thing, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic partners exchanging gifts. It’s about spreading love in all directions.

From parents to children, grandchildren to grandparents, and even from bosses to employees, there are so many ways to show appreciation and care.

And hey, why stop there? Instead of just focusing on your own little bubble, why not spread some love to those who really need it?

Visiting orphans, spending time with the elderly, helping out the less fortunate – now that’s the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

So yeah, whether you’re giving practical gifts, showing random acts of kindness, or just spreading some love to those who need it most, let’s remember that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love in all its forms.

Let’s make this one count, folks!