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This was De’Mathew’s final advice to Kikuyus on Raila and PM position

The late Benga maestro John Mwangi Ng’ang’a alias John De’Mathew left a special message to Mt Kenya region and the upcoming musicians 10 minutes before he met his death at Blue Post, Thika Road when his car rammed a lorry.

The deceased, who spoke shortly after conducting a harambee at Metro Club Thika for his friend and fellow musician Peter Kigia – whose kin is recuperating in hospital – urged upcoming musicians to humble themselves in order to succeed in life.


In an audio clip recorded by his friends, De’Mathew stressed the need for unity and humility among musicians.

De’Mathew, who was also regarded by many as the Agikuyu seer and prophet, urged the Kikuyu community not to be deceived to reject the change of constitution to pave way for the establishment of the Prime Minister’s position, saying the seat, it created, won’t belong to ODM leader Raila Odinga, but to all the communities, Agikuyu included.

He added that should Mr Odinga clinch the Premier’s seat, a time for him to leave will eventually come.


“Even if Mr Odinga gets the Premier’s seat, he will come and go but the seat will belong to other tribes, we should understand that the system we want for the country is for the cohesion to prevail and we must ensure that we establish the Premier seat to avoid the winner takes all situation and to avert the post-election violence,” he said.

He said today, Mr Odinga could be the one protesting the Presidential elections, but tomorrow it could be President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka or any other leader.

“Today its Raila who protest the Presidential election tomorrow it will be Mr Kalonzo and the other day it will be Mr Kenyatta, the seat is good for the country.”


He added that if that will be done, the peace will prevail and the Agikuyu traditional ceremonies like the circumcision and meetings will be peaceful.

His best friend Mr Gilbert Baba alias Maina Baba said they did not know that he was bidding them goodbye when he talked to them about the issues.

“He insisted on the two main issues – about the upcoming artists and the debate on referendum and we did not know that those were his last words. Ten minutes after leaving us at the venue, we received the sad news of the tragic accident,” Mr Maina told the Nation.