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‘This would break anyone,’ Davido on son’s tragic death

Nigerian singer Davido finally broke his silence about the death of his son Ifeanyi in a pool accident at his Lagos home in October 2022.

The singer, whose real name is David Adeleke, opened up about how the support he received from people around the world helped him cope with the tragedy.

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CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo (right) with Nigerian singer Davido. PHOTO | COURTESY

In an interview with CNN’s Larry Madowo, Davido said, “Personally, with me, the support I got from people was one of the things that helped me stand up again.”

He added that he received messages of sympathy from politicians, sportsmen, other musicians, and even presidents.

The singer also talked about how the incident changed him and how he had to be strong for his family and fans.

“This situation would break anybody,” he said.

Adding, “One thing that has helped was the support from everybody. I even had people I hadn’t spoken to in years reach out. Everybody knows that me and Chioma didn’t deserve that. The support that I got from people was one of the things that helped me get up again.”

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Davido with son

Davido explained, “I remember I couldn’t check my Instagram for three weeks, and one day I was like, bring my phone. I just wanted to check. I just saw from every kind of person in the world, from politician to sportsmen to other musicians to presidents, that was one thing that made strong again to stand up and get back to the studio and get back to what I love.”

However, he revealed that he had started making his just-released “Timeless” album before his son’s death.

“I still had to be strong for everybody. Not only my wife, my dad, my family and her family, and my son that’s watching us. I know that at the end of the day, people would also want David to be on stage again.

I really had to really really calm myself down. Take a step back. This has shown me that I was really born to do music,” he said.

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Davido with son
Davido with son

Davido also revealed that he started making his just-released album Timeless even before his son died. “I’m ready to get back. I’m ready to get back on the road. A lot of things are going to be different,” he added.

Davido thanked his fans for their support, saying, “The support that I got from people was one of the things that helped me get up again.”

He added that he was ready to get back on the road and that things would be different. “The music in my album was about some things I went through, but through it, they will also laugh, dance, and cry,” he said.

Overall, Davido’s interview was an emotional and candid discussion about a difficult time in his life.

Larry revealed that the full interview would be released in mid-April.

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