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Thousands attend evangelist David Owuor crusade

Thousands of worshippers on Wednesday thronged Kaptembwa grounds in Nakuru for a crusade convened by scholar-turned-evangelist David Owuor.

Healing testimonies dominated the second day of the prayer meeting that was also attended by Ugandans, Canadians, Angolans, South Africans and Congolese from Congo Brazzaville.

TV footage showed disabled people surrendering wheelchairs and crutches, and the sick testifying that they had been healed through miracles.

Some of said they had been cured of terminal diseases — including HIV and Aids, and cancer. Others declared victory over physical disability, deafness, blindness and dumbness.

On stand-by were medical doctors who examined people who said they had been healed of myriad diseases and life conditions.


The medical practitioners confirmed that healing had taken place, with some saying that the miracles were beyond their “empirical” understanding.

Dr Owuor pledged that his team would follow up on all cases of healing to confirm that indeed miracles had taken place “since confirming healing had taken place was glorifying God”.

“Go back to your doctors for re-examination as that confirmation that you are truly healed will bring more glory to the glorious works of the Lord,” he told the crowd.

“The days when pastors spent hours pushing faithful to the ground for a miracle are long gone and all I do is to walk in and the glory of the Lord follows me.

“I do not need to pray for long hours but to deliver the message to Kenya and the whole world as it is without receiving a penny from anyone.”

The televangelist took a swipe at the pastors preaching the gospel of prosperity and asked them to repent and turn to God for healing.

“Remove graft from the church as what we see on TV screens is disgusting. Let miracles happen in churches; not theft and greed,” he said while receiving a woman who said she had been healed of TB.

Dr Owuor and his deputy, a veterinary scholar-turned-preacher, Dr Paul Onjoro, said the miracles witnessed at the grounds were beyond their understanding.


He challenged local leaders to seek the truth and diligently serve Kenyans so as to nurture an honest and a corruption-free nation.

Kenya, he said as he paraded diplomats and senior dignitaries from Congo Brazzaville, that Kenyans must take serious cognisance of God’s love and turn to Him.

“Their (diplomats’) countries are desolate and the pastors are here to receive healing and God’s blessings. It is time Kenyans took God seriously and obeyed all commandments for development and progress.”

Dr Owuor said his mission was to heal and deliver people and nations to God.

“I preach repentance and removal of sin at the pulpit and I’m referred to as the weeping prophet. I still do it even when people refer me as the preacher of the poor and downtrodden,” he said.

“The fruits are there for all to see. The blind see again, the physically challenged walk again and the terminally sick are cured,” he added.

Traders did brisk business selling food and drinks to the faithful. Roads leading to the venue of worship were jammed by matatus, tuk tuk and boda bodas.