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Thousands spend night in traffic after accident

Thousands of Kenyans spent the night in vehicles after two trailers were involved in a head on collision at Lukenya in Athi River along Mombasa Road causing a huge traffic snarl up lasting more than 12 hours.

The accident happened on Sunday at 6 pm and the vehicles had not been cleared by 7 am on Monday due to lack of cranes.

“The problem is that when there is an accident involving trailer the police do not have the special cranes to deal with the heavy commercial vehicles,” said Nairobi deputy police commander Moses Ombati.


“We rely on private owners and it takes time put the owner of the trailer in touch with the crane owner and agree on a price. In some instances we have been billed after engaging the crane owner as the police.”

The tailback spread to as far as Embakasi, some 36km from the accident scene.

Police have advised motorists to use alternative routes.

Many of those caught up in the gridlock took to Twitter vent with most of them saying they had spent the night there.

Ranka said: “A colleague has been in that Mombasa road to Athi River jam the whole night. what is happening?”

Nancy Karwirwa tweeted: “Clearly Kenyans we are on our own. People have slept in traffic on Mombasa road near Machakos junction.”

Saddique Shabaan added: “Good morning to those who slept on Mombasa Road Traffic! I feel you- I was there for hours & only escaped through patience and prayers.”