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Three charged as recruits turn Kiganjo Police College into bhang paradise

Three police recruits have been arrested and charged with being part of a cartel selling bhang inside the Kiganjo Police Training College.

Kelvin Obwongi, John Mutie and Oscar Ahiro were arrested by police on Saturday at around 11pm for being in possession of eight rolls of bhang. One recruit however managed to escape.

The three did not take plea on Monday after the prosecution requested that they be held for a week to allow police complete investigations.

The suspects were in their last month of training. They were expected to complete training and graduate in a month.


According to senior prosecution counsel Allan Wanjohi, there are reports that the three recruits were involved in drug trafficking.

“Apart from the eight rolls of bhang which they were found in possession of, there are also allegations that there could be a weighty matter which involves a cartel of others who have not been brought to court today and whom they could be working with to traffic bhang within the college and outside,” said Mr Wanjohi.

Mr Wanjohi also added that there are chances that the crime could implicate many other recruits whom, if police are given more time, could be enjoined in the case.

“When the three were nabbed by the police they looked suspicious. Police followed them and found them with the bhang,” he said


According to police, at the time of their arrest, four recruits were nabbed but one of them managed to escape.

Two casual workers at the Police Training College, believed to be the ones selling the bhang to recruits, were also arrested Saturday night. However the two workers were not arraigned in court on Monday.

Chief magistrate Mr John Onyiego refused to grant police the one week period they were praying for on grounds that the reasons they gave in court were not valid.

“ Considering the charge that is before this court, how do you intent to investigate bhang trafficking where else you have stated in the charge sheet that the three were found in possession of eight rolls of bhang,” posed Mr Onyiego.

Mr Onyiego gave the police until Wednesday December 2 to complete investigations.

The three suspects will take plea on that day.