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Three children go missing after parents’ death

By EVELYN MUSAMBI November 28th, 2014 2 min read

A family in Nairobi is looking for three children who disappeared on Tuesday after their parents died in a span of 48 hours in a tragedy that has left relatives baffled.

The three children aged nine, eight and five years left their house at Kenya Pipeline Estate along Thika Road together with their father, Paul Magu last Tuesday.

On Friday, a relative of the family made an appeal on social media, posting a photo of the two boys and their sister in a jovial mood.

The children are reported missing days after bodies of their parents were discovered on separate days in Kiambu and Thika.

The first body to be collected by the police was that of their mother Lydia Wangui in Kiambi on Monday. Police took the body, which had deep cuts at the back of the head, to the City Mortuary and booked it as “unidentified female”. All this time, the family was not aware.

Police and the family only pieced together the developments on Wednesday when the body of Mr Magu was found along Thika Road near Ngoliba. He had allegedly been hit by a bus that was heading to Nairobi from Garissa. His private vehicle was found parked by the road with the missing children’s jackets inside.


After discovering Mr Magu’s body, the police went to the City Mortuary where they found Wangui’s body.

But just how did it all happen?

On Friday, the couple’s house help, Margaret Njoki, recounted the last moments with the family of five.

She told Nairobi News that the children’s mother suddenly left the house on Sunday while she had gone to the shop to buy some sodas that Mr Magu had sent for.

“When I came back I did not find her. Later, Mr Magu sent me to town to buy some flour and when I returned and asked about his wife’s whereabouts, he told me that she had been picked by friends to go for a prayer session,” she recalled at the couple’s home where relatives and friends had started gathering for burial preparations.

She said Mrs Magu did not return for the next two days.

“On Tuesday, Mr Magu asked me to prepare the children as he wanted to go somewhere with them. He left with the three children and they were out the whole day and after they failed to return I informed their relatives.”


The house help said the couple was deeply “in love” and had never quarreled.

According to the description of the house help, the eldest of the children was clad in a navy blue pair of trousers and a green shirt. The second born had a grey trouser and a long-sleeved grey t-shirt while the last born girl was in a grey trouser and a red top.

Police have begun investigations into the deaths of Mr Magu and his wife, and the disappearance of sons and daughter.

The family has asked anyone with information on the children to contact their uncle on 0720669158.

On Friday, officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations visited the home to gather information about the mysterious incidences.

Mr Magu worked as an advocate in Nairobi. His wife managed their real estate business.