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Three common mistakes Kenyans make when loading tokens

By Winnie Onyando February 19th, 2024 2 min read

Kenya Power has outlined three common mistakes that users make when they run out of tokens.

A common problem is when the Customer Interface Unit (CIU) – the device used to load the tokens – is not connected to the power grid.

To overcome this challenge without the help of your neighbours, the utility suggests a simple solution: replace the batteries in the CIU and plug it into a socket.

The second mistake is Kenyans plug the device into their neighbour’s socket.

Kenya Power stresses that attempting to plug the device into multiple sockets can exacerbate the problem. Hence advising that it’s important, however, that the device is plugged into the same socket it has been using all along.

“The CIU needs good quality batteries to communicate with the meter. When new batteries are installed in the device, use the same socket that was previously used to charge the tokens. New batteries should also be installed if the meter keeps going off when the keypad on the CIU is used,” Kenya Power advises in its manual.

The third common mistake is the user may think that the tokens have run out and the CIU is not working but in actual fact, there is a power failure.

“The meter should flash red if there is power. If there is no light on the meter box, this should be reported as a power outage,” the manual adds.

If power is confirmed but token reloading is unsuccessful, consumers are advised to check for a trip in the breaker. “If the breaker is off, turn it on and try reloading the token,” Kenya Power advises.

Meanwhile, Kenya Power recently announced the resolution of prepaid service disruptions, ensuring that all purchased electricity tokens are now dispatched to respective customers via MPESA.

In a customer alert issued on February 13, the company confirmed the restoration of prepaid services following recent system disruptions, which had led to delays in processing and delivering prepaid tokens.

“We are pleased to inform our customers that the issue was resolved yesterday (Monday, February 12th, 2024), enabling our customers to conveniently purchase their tokens through Mpesa Paybill No. 888880,” stated KPLC.

The delay in token generation and postpaid bill payment was experienced on February 10th, with Kenya Power attributing it to a technical hitch affecting both prepaid token generation and postpaid bill systems.

Additionally, KPLC has informed customers that they can access tokens by dialing *977# or via the myPower App at any time.