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Three Kenyans facing deportation over marriage fraud in US

By Hilary Kimuyu November 20th, 2020 2 min read

A Kenyan-born woman in the United States is facing deportation after she was found guilty of marriage fraud conspiracy.

Fidelina Mwelu Mutisya, 61, of Winchester, Ohio was found guilty by a Missouri court on Tuesday, according to a statement released by the US Attorney’s Office, Western District of Missouri.

Ms Mutisya admitted to entering in a fraudulent marriage arranged by Delmar Dixon of Kansas City to bypass federal immigration laws with an aim of obtaining permanent residency and/or American citizenship.

She was charged together with 36-year-old Nellie Mbote of Lee’s Summit, Missouri and 40-year-old Rogers Onyango Guche of Cypress, Texas.

The three Kenyans were accused of paying Dixon to arrange their marriages.

According to the statement, they also paid their American ‘spouses’ Sh100,000 ($1,000) at the time of the wedding and Sh10,000 ($100) monthly until the immigration process was complete.

Mbote is said to have exchanged his vows in 2009 while Mutisya and Onyango wedded their spouses in 2007.

Dixon is said to have coached the three Kenyans and their spouses on how to make their marriages appear legitimate by advising the couples to get to know each other and make it appear as if they were living together.

Dixon, who was charged in a separate but related case, was sentenced on July 13, 2017 to three years in federal prison after admitting he arranged between 30 and 40 fraudulent marriages.

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Having been found guilty, Mutisya’s naturalisation will be revoked and her certificate of naturalisation annulled.

She had been admitted to the US on a visitor (B-1) visa and is a lawful resident.

The Kenyan also faces deportation under the US federal law, having committed multiple removable offenses, including the one she pleaded guilty to.

But her extradition and other immigration consequences will be subject to a separate proceeding.