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Three killed in shootout after robbery

Three people were gunned down on Monday in a shoot-out between police and suspected gangsters at a Nairobi estate.

Police said one of the suspects was shot while hiding in a toilet in the 10am gun drama at Mwiki.

About Sh100,000 stashed in a polythene bag was also recovered from the toilet.

Police said the money was part of Sh2 million that the suspected gangsters took away after raiding Sheraton Petrol Station, near Ruiru on the Eastern Bypass, about three hours earlier.

Robbed businessman

The gang also robbed the premises owner, a Mr Patel, of a mobile phone before speeding off on two motorbikes.

Officers from the Special Crime Prevention Unit intercepted the fleeing gang at Mwiki.

An officers involved in the operation told the Nation that eight gangsters were involved in the robbery. 

Police, with the help of the residents, managed to flush out the suspects from where they were hiding.