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Seen three men on one boda boda? Be very afraid!

Police have asked Nairobi residents to be on the lookout for a gang of three men on one motorcycle who were captured on three videos robbing motorists on gun point.

Police Spokesperson, Gatiria Mboroki said the three have been carjacking motorists especially as they wait for the gates to be opened.

“We are searching for the trio, but members of the public also have to assist us in looking for them. In all the CCTV footages we have seen of the thugs, no one tried to rescue the victim or even take the number plates of the motorcycles” she said.

She was reacting to an attack on a motorist along Mombasa Road on Monday and which was widely circulated on social media.

In the footage, a motorist is confronted by three men in a motorcycle as he was waiting for the gate to be opened. One of the thugs who got off the motorcycle had a metal rod in his hand.


Another one who had something that looks like a pistol also gets off the motorcycle. The suspect with a rod hits the side window of the vehicle breaking it and he has access to open the rest of the doors.

While this is happening, the other suspect who is armed threatens the driver, forcing him to get out of the car and the three thugs speed off in the motorcycle with some items.

“The rider of the motorcycle looks like an ordinary boda boda rider in full protective gear and it is hard to note that they are thugs, but it is prudent for Kenyans to at least raise alarm so that police on patrol can be aware of what happens,” Ms Mboroki said.

She said police suspect that the three are the same suspects who have been captured by other cameras in different instances.

“We have been looking for them and we also count on Kenyans to give us information about them like the number plate of the motorcycle and report the incidences to the nearest police stations,” Ms Mboroki said.