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Three minors captured on CCTV stealing phone

Three boys were held for close to eight hours at Naivas Supermarket, Kitengela branch after being caught stealing a mobile phone on  CCTV on Saturday.

The three minors aged 10, 12 and 13 escaped in different directions after they realised they had been spotted and were being trailed.

The one who had picked the phone was to be caught later 500m away at New Valley area in Kitengela without the phone. He later revealed the whereabouts of his accomplices.

CCTV footage revealed that the tallest among the three boys picked the phone and passed it to one of his accomplices before they left the supermarket.

A worker and the guard managed to get hold of one of the boys who had picked the phone a few minutes later.

An employee at the supermarket revealed that the boys’ parents were forced to pay for the Samsung model phone valued at Sh10,000.

“We ensured that the three children were released after their parents paid for the lost phone. We negotiated with the parents and considering the culprits were minors, we handed them to their parents,” said the employee.

The three were released at 8pm on Saturday night.