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Three more children: Milly Wa Jesus reveals plans to expand her family

Digital content creator and social media influencer Milly WaJesus has recently reached the milestone of turning 30, and her celebrations have been nothing short of extravagant. 

Embarking on a two-week-long festivity spree, Milly went a step further. She declared her intention to dominate August with her birthday festivities, embracing the opportunity to mark another year of life.

Amidst the jubilation, Milly took a moment to reveal her plans for expanding her family. The mother of two expressed her desire to bring three more children into the world, citing her current age as a motivating factor.

This heartwarming announcement unfolded during an unexpected birthday bash orchestrated by her spouse, Kabi WaJesus, a fellow digital content creator.

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The event was captured in a series of photographs shared by Milly, in which she radiated happiness alongside her family.

She passionately discussed her aspirations to grow her family unit while reminiscing about the immense joy her two children have brought her during her twenties.

The YouTube personality cherished her motherhood journey, describing it as one of her most significant achievements of the past decade.

Milly’s sentiments were heartfelt as she explained her instant longing for her children’s presence when they were initially absent from the celebration.

This genuine emotion led her to ensure that her kids joined the festivities, resulting in a family photo that encapsulated the love and unity they shared.

In the snapshot, Milly held their son, while her husband, Kabi, tenderly cradled their daughter, the image resonating with the happiness and togetherness that defined their beautiful marriage.

“One of my greatest milestones in my 20s is my children. So when I got to the party and I did not see them, I immediately told my love to organize for them to join the party and I was so happy they made it,” started off the mother of 2.

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The online personality proudly declared her gratitude for her role as a mother and expressed the deep fulfillment it brought her.

As she ventured into her thirties, she held onto her dream of expanding her family, emphasizing her aspiration to bring three more children into the world. This sentiment was eloquently shared through a heartfelt Instagram post, where Milly conveyed her pride in being a mother and her hopeful outlook for the future.

“I am a proud mum and I pray God gives me three more children in my 30s,” the digital content creator wrote on her Instagram.

Milly wore an elegant, off-shoulder peach dress for her birthday celebration that featured delicate lace detailing at the hem. Accompanying her, her daughter was dressed in a peplum doll dress, complemented by a charming pink fur sweater.

Notably, Milly maintained her tradition of using an emoji to preserve her daughter’s privacy while sharing their joyful moments online.

Completing the picture of family harmony, their son was attired in a bespoke suit that mirrored Kabi’s attire, resulting in a truly picture-perfect family portrait.

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