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Three suspects of robbery with violence arrested in Nairobi

By Nyaboga Kiage November 20th, 2022 2 min read

Police officers in Nairobi have arrested three suspects of robbery with violence who are believed to have been causing mayhem within the city.

The arrest of the three comes barely three days after faceless police officer Saigon Punisher James warned the gang to stop engaging in crime. He shared an image of five suspects who he asked them to leave the city since they were under the police radar.

“I warned this gang and they dismissed me, all they said was that they were being made famous without knowing hawk-eyes were in the sky observing from a distance,” part of the post reads.

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The Facebook post also revealed that plans were underway to arraign the suspects who had been arrested.

This comes barely a week after Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome asked police officers to ensure that sanity is restored in the city.

His sentiments were made amidst concerns by Kenyans over the spike in incidents of crime.

Just after he was sworn into office, Mr Koome assured Kenyans that the National Police Service (NPS) will deal firmly with criminals across the country.

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“Anybody charged with committing a felony, murder or rape attempts to escape, an officer can use a firearm. If an officer has arrested someone having committed a felony, then you attempt to rescue the police can use their firearm too,” Mr Koome said.

A report released last week titled Criminal Activity Trends, revealed that there has been a steady rise in armed and opportunist robberies in residential and commercial areas across Nairobi.

These revelations come amidst public outcry on social media that the level of crime in the city has gone up.

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