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Drama as three women fight over their dead husband’s corpse

By ALEX NJERU September 2nd, 2017 1 min read

Drama unfolded at Chogoria Mission Hospital in Tharaka-Nithi County on Friday when three women fought for a body of a man they claimed to be their husband, delaying release of the deceased from mortuary for burial.

Each of three claimed the body of the late Mr Gilbert Kaaria from Kiathathi location in Meru County and demanded to sign the mortuary permit before release of the body.

Patrick Kingori, a brother of the deceased, told media that he knew the three women and was ready to support the children that they have sired with his brother.

“We have asked them to allow us bury the body and later we can discuss the other issues as a family but have declined each demanding to sign the mortuary permit,” said Mr Kingori.


Police from Chogoria Police Station had to intervene to provide security at the hospital as the women and other relatives threatened to attacked each other.

The administration intervened directing the mother of the deceased, Hellen Mwari to sign the document at around six in the evening before the body was released.

Ms Juster Makena, one of the resident said the total number of the known wives are six but some chose to remain silent.

“A total of six wives have claimed to have children with the deceased but some avoided the drama,” said Ms Makena.

She added that the late was a wealth man and that the women were after the properties.

“The deceased, 55-year-old, was a very influential millionaire businessman and the women wants a share of the property,” she said.