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Thrilled Nairobians pose for selfies with ‘Jesus’ as he walked barefoot

November 23rd, 2016 1 min read

Christmas appears to have come early for Nairobians.

On Wednesday, a man who resembles the Jesus Christ of Nazareth as depicted in western movies was spotted walking in downtown Nairobi, causing a near stampede as people hassled to take selfies with him.

The unidentified man was white, had long beards, wore what appeared to be robe, a long face and held a stick. He walked along the streets of Nairobi barefoot.

A picture of the man posing for selfies with the man was posted on Facebook page Neel Akber.

In March 2015, there was similar drama in Chipata, Zambia when locals mistook a tourist for Jesus.

For starters, Jesus is the son of God as taught in the bible and according to the Christian doctrine, he was crucified on earth after he had been sent by God the Father to save mankind.

Diogo Morgado who plays Jesus in the film "The Bible". PHOTO | COURTESY
Diogo Morgado who plays Jesus in the film “The Bible”. PHOTO | COURTESY

Christians believe that he will come back again, where believers will be taken to heaven while sinners will be sent to hell, and face eternal fire.

But Kenyans on Facebook were ecstatic.

But others were unimpressed.