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Thugs break into Swazuri’s office, steal documents

Burglars broke into the National Land Commission chairman Muhamed Swazuri’s office on Friday night and stole documents.

Kilimani police boss Peter Kattam said unknown people broke into the office on the sixth floor of the Ardhi House at an unknown time and that investigations are ongoing.

They are suspected to have carried away crucial documents from the office by breaking the private door which has never been used since Mr Swazuri took over the office.

Speaking by phone, Dr Swazuri said he is yet to establish what was stolen from the office since he was out of town.

Commission officials, including chief executive Tom Chavangi, visited the scene but were not allowed inside the office by the police.


It was not clear whether Scenes of Crime (SOC) detectives visited the office.

Dr Swazuri said there were classified documents in the office, but he could not immediately establish if they had been stolen.

Other sources said that there is a backup of all the crucial documents kept in that office.

All the commissioners are based at Ardhi House. However, the investigations department was moved to the adjacent ACK Bishops Annex. But the most crucial documents are said to be at the chairman’s office.

NLC is currently reviewing thousands of land grants that have so far expired and is also involved in investigation of land grab cases especially in Lamu and Karen.

Mr Kattam could not explain how the well-guarded offices were broken into, saying he didn’t yet have the “fine details.”