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Who are the gangsters behind this robbery? – VIDEO

The police are searching for six gangsters who were captured on CCTV robbing a home in Kitengela on Wednesday night.

The gangsters, armed with pistols, stole cash, a firearm and other valuables from the home owner after forcing their way into his compound as he drove through the gate.

From the CCTV footage, the gangsters are seen tailing the home owner on a motorbike as the man drives through his gate oblivious of his assailants.

Two of the armed men then alight from the motorbike and sneak into the compound while brandishing their weapons. The events are captured by the CCTV camera outside the house.

Two other gang members storm the house where CCTV cameras again capture them making their way into the living room, where two children are watching television as the mother prepares dinner.


On realizing what is happening, the terrified mother cowers over her daughter on the floor as her other child and an unidentified occupant of the house dash to an inner room.

The thugs are seen ransacking the living room for any valuables before leading the man of the house upstairs into his bedroom where, according to the home owner, they find and take away cash and a firearm.

“Unfortunately they found my firearm which they took. After they found the firearm they seemed satisfied and left,” said the home owner who is a licensed firearm holder.

The gangsters also stole  Sh 7,000 in cash which the man had in his wallet before they fled.

A security guard who was manning the house was shot on the leg by the thugs when he tried to intervene and rescue his boss.

Police are hopeful of unmasking the men involved in the incident by profiling their faces from the CCTV recordings.