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Four suspected thugs gunned down in botched Kayole robbery

By HILARY KIMUYU November 18th, 2018 1 min read

Police on Saturday night shot and killed four suspected thugs in a botched robbery in Kayole, Nairobi.

According to the police, the suspects were in a group of six who were reportedly assaulting and robbing pedestrians.

Officers on patrol in the area swung into action after they were alerted by members of the public.


Four of the gang members were fatally shot by the police while two of their accomplices fled on foot.

The police recovered two guns from the slain suspects, whose bodies were moved to the City Mortuary.

The shooting brings to more than 30 the number of suspects who have been shot dead by the police in Nairobi in the past one month alone.

Police reports indicate that more 10 illegal guns have been recovered from the slain suspects in these incidents.


However, these killings have raised great concern from human rights organisations which have accused the police of extrajudicial killings.

The human rights organisations have repeatedly called for investigations into these cases although the police maintain that in all the incidents they were justified to use lethal force.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the ownership of a gun that was found abandoned in a hotel room in Kasarani area, Nairobi.