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Thugs shoot dead Githurai student during raid on M-Pesa shop

A Form Four student was on Friday night killed by thugs who had robbed an M- Pesa shop in Mwihoko area, Githurai.

Residents who witnessed the incident said the student, Edward Mwaura, was a victim of circumstances who happened to be at that place at the wrong time.

His father John Maina Mwaura told Nairobi News that his son had left their house to visit his schoolmate Josphat Chege who lives in the neighborhood at around 7pm Friday evening.

Moments later, four thugs armed with a pistol raided an M-Pesa shop in the neighborhood.

The commotion made the student and his friend come out to check on what was happening. His friend’s mother directed them to a nearby shop where the thugs had struck.

As they were walking, residents who had seen the gang of four men armed with a pistol raiding the shop, begun calling them out, warning them not to proceed to the shop that was being robbed.

“Edward’s friend heard the warnings and immediately lied down,Edward didn’t, and he became the thieve’s target. They shot him in the chest,” said his father.

The boy’s parents heard the gunshot and went out to check on what could happened only to find their son lying dead in a pool of blood.

“I touched my son hoping to find him breathing but he had already succumbed. The next thing was to plan on how to take his body to the mortuary,” Mr Mwaura said.

Sixteen-year old Edward was a student at Githurai Mixed Secondary school where he was set to sit for KCSE next term.

Mwihoko residents said the area had lately seen  an increase in robbery with violence and murders.

“A police post will help end crime in this area. There are public utility lands that can be identified for that purpose,” said Rebeka Karoki, a resident.