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TIFA: Kenyans value governors more than President

Kenyans consider the role played by a governor as more important than that of the President.

This is according to an opinion poll commissioned by TIFA.

“Given all the media attention to the presidential contest, TIFA thought it useful to ask Kenyans which elective offices are most important for them. Here, the impact of devolution is clearly seen,” explained TIFA.

Thus, 29%of Kenyans who responded said that the governor’s position was the most popular.

It was closely followed by the President, at 28% percent.

The Members of County Assembly (MCA) were third on the ranking with 21% while 12% vouched for the position of the Member of Parliament.

The fifth and sixth positions were occupied by the elective positions of Woman Representative and Senator

The positions of governor,  senator, woman representative, and MCA were introduced through a constitution amendment voted by the majority of Kenyans in 2010.

The governor is the official leader and representative of the county and leads its executive, making, approving, and implementing county policies and performing state functions.

He is also in charge of the county purse that estimates into billions each year.

A governor can only serve for a period of two terms which translates to ten years.

The Presidency is the other position that has two-term limits.

The President is the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He is also a symbol of National Unity in the country and negotiates, and signs all bilateral agreements on behalf of the country.

Kenya has a total of 47 counties represented by the governor as the boss, a Senator who is the overseer, and a woman representative elected to champion the needs of the female gender.