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Tik Toker calls out Diana B and Vera Sidika for glorifying ‘wababaz’ lifestyle

By Winnie Mabel November 14th, 2022 2 min read

A vocal Kenyan Tik Toker by the name Wamunoiii has blasted influencers turned rappers Diana Bahati and Vera Sidika for glorifying lifestyles provided by wababaz.

Wababaz, in local slang, is a term for men who are often old and rich; are married and tend to seek out young women for their pleasures outside marriage.

In a now viral Tik Tok video, Wamunoii called out the two influencers for singing about enjoying lifestyles provided by wababaz as she called for the protection of young girls who look up to the singers because their futures were at stake.

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“I want to talk about this but I don’t know if I will make enough sense but this is my line of thought. All these female celebrities that we look upon and have always watched sing for us ‘nimekuja na mubaba (a old rich man)’. I don’t have a problem with the song (sang by Diana B); I’ve used it as an example of what I want to talk about. We are used to seeing our celebs living a good life, the best life – you see female celebrities rolling (in big cars), telling you they are spending a mubaba’ money – they are praising wababa! You are praising them because they have given you everything,” the TikToker said.

“But let me ask you a question, among all these celebs who sing praise to wababaz, who is married to one? Tell me, which celebrity is married to a rich, old man? Vera Sidika went around with many wababaz but came back to a small boy, Brown Mauzo (a Kenyan singer), but you are there with that old man who appears sickly and on the verge of death – coughing like he is about to vomit! Leave that old man alone! He will die and you will do nothing. What will you tell his wife? Leave these old men alone and get your own money. I hope you are hearing me?” Wamunoiii explained.

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“At the end of the day, you as a girl, you will get old. You are not like a man who doesn’t age fast. You will get old and because you have moved around with many old men, you will be left desperate and old; and no young man will want you because you are the type who is used to the high life. You pretended to live the high life. They will be looking at you and seeing rejects,” said Wamunoiii.

Her followers were of the same opinion as they voiced support for her stance against young women helping in ruining established marriages in the name of having a mubaba.

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